by Make No Gains

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recorded by Luke Mumford in our practice space in December 2011

Released July 2012


released July 15, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Make No Gains Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Disguise
Welcome to the house of fear and shame,
You might as well take a number we don't care about your name,
Tough to adjust but those who persevere,
Emerge reformed with the power to adhere,
Perfect your disguise your next in line,
What matters here is on the outside,
Shut your mouth close your eyes and cover your children's ears
Then like skin-shed your early years.
Track Name: Noose
Rest assured you'll be accounted for in the end,
Tallied up; failures vs. accomplishments,
Live and labour, values priced and sold,
I bet you never thought you'd be so marketable,
When actions are measured,
A persons life becomes measured,
Your only means to reproduce yourself
In in tying your own noose.
Track Name: Born Alone, Die Alone
Born Alone, Die Alone what's in between?
Can we differentiate from what we want and need,
Excessive in nature, systematic in behaviour,
Professions specialized in ignoring the voices,
Exceptions justifying making all the wrong choices,
Might as well scream into space,
Born quitters to die bitter,
Living half empty half full,
Put a positive spin on something grim,
Just so people will listen,
Soul extinction!
Track Name: Wretched State
The complexion of humanity id paling,
The blood drains from the worlds face,
Leaking out through apartment walls,
Sacred places of the new faith,
Lame wrists, disfigured spines,
A gruelling pace for the declining race,
The violent traits of a wretched state.