end of history

by Make No Gains

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7" being released independently on Nov. 19, 2011


released November 19, 2011

daren - drums, backing vocals
jason - guitar, backing vocals
vince - bass, backing vocals
cole- guitar, vocals

Recorded at the Echo Chamber by James O'Toole in Spring 2011. Cover art by Adam Kindred, layout by Paul Aarntzen.


tags: punk Toronto


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Make No Gains Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: End of History
We see lives swept away / caught between death and misery / discarded along with any remnants of their history. / How many wars between governments have ever helped us to pay the rent? / You gotta ask yourself “whose interests are being served?”

A carpet bomb grand opening / of brand new markets with the lowest prices / and the latest in security devices / not to mention a new found respect for democracy...

Cast your doubts aside, your finally free, this is the end of history.
Track Name: Recession Specials
Walkin' around in a coma-like state
Stayin' lifted 'cause you can't take the weight
Tryin' hard to keep a straight face 'cause you know you're not the only one

Nothin' left no one to turn you back
Another bright future faded to black
A brief glimpse of reality turned your eyebrows upside down

The pressure's on and we're all stoked
'Cause change is right around the bend
Blinded by the illusion that the economy is on the mend
The wait is never-ending

We all rot in the ground.
Track Name: The Pigs
The streets I walk each day are all known well to them. So too is our contempt for their control so blatantly displayed in the watchful eyes of every neighbourood they’ve ever occupied.

Everyday there is a new door to kick in and another vacant prison cell waiting to be filled. There’s an underclass to prosecute, medicate, and jail. As long as there’s a rich and poor there will be property to protect.

When I hear them talking about community I can’t help but laugh, they’ll always be the pigs.
Track Name: First World Problems
I can't complain about my lot in life, oh no
But the limitations placed on us I can't ignore
I'm not starvin', I can pay my rent (in the exchange for half of my life)
I will survive, there's no question.
It's just a matter of serving my time

There's no denying the need to escape this life
You can point to something worse and miss the source of strife
I got time enough to sing along (in exchange for half of my life).
Tell me one solution I could propose that would make the slightest difference.

I got first world problems.
Track Name: No Soul to Save
Six feet from an early grave
Bottom-line: no soul to save

Hope may be dead but we're still alive
People don't really change when they turn twenty-five
You'll be exactly the same when you turn twenty-five

We've got our records, we've got our dead-end jobs
We can start all over 'cause life's so fucking long
We've got our records we can always quit our jobs
We can start all over 'cause life's so fucking long

Running loose inside this maze
An unsettling shame: a price so often paid
Track Name: Eye of the Tiger
An action for action's sake
Another night with you the same old mistakes
Substituting meekness for the masses on the move
Pursuing easy pleasure instead of taking what I learned from you and wising up so that just maybe, at the end of the day, I can stare it down and not flinch away.

Please do accept my regrets and don't bother sending me the minutes
I can no longer partake in your talking circle
I've got to figure out how I spent so long rehearsing without wising up